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Living in Lake Las Vegas

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Living in Lake Las Vegas

Our special guest had many things to share about living in Lake Las Vegas which is located in Henderson, NV. Living at the lake is indeed a beautiful lifestyle for any family or anyone wanting to live by the water, and be very close to major city. The Las Vegas strip is only 20 minutes away which is the heart of the city. Some of you may be thinking to yourself, “well what’s the difference between living there and on the beach in California? I can drive 20 minutes and get to LA from living on the water.” Well I’d have to break it down like this my friends; living in Lake Las Vegas is INSANELY cheaper than living anywhere in California. The cost of living in Henderson Nevada is literally half what the amount is in California. If saving unnecessary dollars is in your mind, check out the lake. At least view all the current homes for sale at Lake Las Vegas before discounting it as an option.

The lifestyle is dangerously beautiful for any couple to live. What I mean by ‘dangerously beautiful’ is the fact that you can roam around your community, go outside the community, bike ride for miles, kayak for miles, and still have hundreds of other things to do and enjoy. The beauty comes from the lifestyle, not just the views of the lake. And don’t get me wrong, Lake Mead is gorgeous, but it’s nothing compared to the living experience you can get by having a house on the lake and being able to enjoy the local events, surrounding parks, communities, trails, etc. The surrounding communities like Tuscany Village Henderson are also amazingly beautiful, they just don’t have homes on the lake. But enjoying lifestyle is very easy in any of the surrounding communities at Lake Las Vegas.

Anyone thinking about living on the water anywhere should take a look at this place. Lake Las Vegas is growing and it needs investors right now. So if you’re thinking of investing in real estate on the Lake, call the Henderson realtors that are the experts in Lake Las Vegas homes. Trish Nash is one of the top 10 leading realtors in the U.S.. Giving her a call to discuss anything real estate related is guaranteed to leave you pounded with information that you couldn’t find elsewhere.

Real Estate Home Improvement Philosophy

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Increasing Property Value Through Improvements

We have a special guest to share some excellent information on the importance of having solar screens on homes. Really, more about home improvement in general and how it can bring up the value in any home. I bring to you Henderson realtors, which are the authority of real estate in the city very close to Las Vegas, NV. Henderson, NV is home to many people, and as the real estate market rises, squeezing the most you possibly can for each house you sell is imperative for maximum ROI (return on investment). When it comes to real estate, these guys are the pros, I’ve listened to them for advice before, and made a lot of money doing so. Let’s dive right into discussion.

The Entitled Home Buyers

Owning a home and making improvements is a no-brainer when it comes to the majority of the people that read our other blogs. But to kick this blog off hard, we’re gonna get into the nitty-gritty of real estate investing, specifically when it comes to improving the inside or outside of a property. We are in the age of people feeling entitled. Oh, does that seem off topic to you? Well, I don’t think so personally. This ties into your real estate money-making by giving you an insight that’s well over-looked by many. And that is: people feel entitled to having what is actually MORE than they deserve! Let me explain. People that look at properties to buy, feel like they need to get the most out of their money, this is obviously understandable. But for many, they want more than they can afford, for less money. This is something very important for you to understand. The concept here let’s us learn that we do indeed need to upgrade our homes to the fullest potential before selling or before going broke.

Let’s Tie in Why These People Should Be Your Targets

These entitled people, which is the majority of home buyers, talk themselves into believing they deserve what they don’t, and therefor can talk a bank into lending them money. – BINGO! You got that? This is the “aha moment” for many. Understanding that anyone can get a loan for any amount nowadays is imperative to your success as a real estate investor. People need to hear you talk the house you’re selling up so much, that they drool about it and then run off to the bank to secure the amount they need. In order to do that, Henderson realtors suggest doing many improvements that seem like a lot to a buyer, but cost little to the current owner. Solar screens cost hundreds of dollars but have the value of thousands. You can even install solar screens in your home yourself. There are many do it yourself guides out there that can show you how to get this done. Changing the carpet is another thing that’s very underrated in the real estate investing game. Changing the carpet can add 5k more to your home’s value at a minimum and more likely 10-15k if you have the right people install it. Doing other things like installing vents into bathrooms that don’t have them, are great ways to increase the value of a home.

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