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Solar Powered Cars

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Cars That Are Solar Powered?!

Solar Screens and More brings to you a new segment. Something you may have been interested in learning about for years now and technology is finally here: Solar powered automobiles! This has been a concept that has been in the works in the automotive industry for a very long time now and is finally ready for the market.

This new technology will change the automotive industry for good. It will allow for less car battery problems and for a better earth. Solar is a renewable energy source and can be used over and over again without negatively impacting the environment.

Real Solar Powered Cars

So first off, I want to clarify that not every aspect of solar powered cars is solar powered. Only the internal apparatus such as the inside lamps, blinkers, headlights, brake lights, and fans will be solar powered. Most of these assumptions that a car can entirely run off of the sun are preposterous. We’re just not there yet to totally revolutionize cars to be fully solar powered. We just recently got cars running off of strictly electricity; let alone converting sunlight into electricity and allowing for all the functions to run off of that source. For a car to run off of of sunlight alone, we’d have to figure out how to harness enough energy at any given time for sun rays. And this is where things get tricky.

For many years electric cars were forbidden to begin sold on the main markets in the US. We are now seeing this finally end and the market is truly free. It will be another 50 years or so until we make another switch to solar powered vehicles to replace all other forms of fuel.

Maintenance and Solar Auto Repair

With solar powered utilities coming out for newer 2019 model cars, opens a new door to automotive repair shops. There are only very few auto repair shops in the US that are sufficient in solar battery repairs and maintenance on vehicles. This being said, any car repair shop right now can learn and get certified to be able to make repairs on solar powered car utilities. Check out articles on new solar tech here.

A car rental company called Drive Rent A Car Automotive already has cars available for rent that are solar powered. They send their cars out only once every 6 months to a specialized mechanic that can make the necessary repairs and maintenance on them. That’s the main beauty of solar, maintenance is minimized and so are repairs. Also, the efficiency of the technology is absolutely astounding.

When Will it Take Over?

Solar powered vehicles will probably take over the market entirely in 50 years from now. But who’s to say that with the rate things are going right now, there won’t be a solution within the next 20 years, or maybe even 10 years.

Go Solar!

Improving Homes on the Daily!

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Our New Home Toolbox Application is all about home improvement among housing and real estate development. We have  a wealth of knowledge being uploaded frequently about how to improve your home yourself, or ideas for designs, you name it. We’re all excited about our new toolbox application which will allow you all to share tools and equipment you recommend from specific brands and materials. The new application of this on our website is going to AROUSE anyone in the home improvement industry! Just wait and see what’s coming and be impressed.